Tony Hawk of Yesteryear

So I’d imagine that right now, there’s someone out there that’s really, really good at say, skateboarding, and not good at much else. There’s some ridiculously skilled kid that thank god, got a crappy skateboard as a 8 year old and now is known globally for his or her skill. But hold up — skateboarding as we know it has only been around since t... Read more

Wander in Porto

I don’t usually share videos here (in fact, I never have), but I was so impressed by this video I just had to. Enjoy. Read more

5 Months in San Sebastián

It’s weird how distinctly I remember leaving. Saying goodbye to my family, boarding the plane, talking to the two college students sitting in front of me on the Trans-Atlantic flight. Forgetting to get a few Pounds for a coffee in Heathrow. I can recall it all perfectly, as if it was only a week ago. The experience we call “now” is so transien... Read more

On the Internet and the Printing Press

What were the big jumps in methods of communication, or the transfer of knowledge? After a bit of thought, here’s what I’ve gotten: Speech. Being able to speak (and creating languages that have become complex and intricate as they are now) was the first step. You could convey an almost unlimited number of desires, needs, and abstract ideas t... Read more

No, That's Not the 'Future of the Web'

I keep seeing all these articles stating “_ is the best!” “Start making _, it will be all there is in a year!” and so on and so forth. The particular one that triggered me to write this is a particular article going on about why cards are the “future of the web”. The actual article is quite well written — what bugs me is the phrase “future of t... Read more