Tony Hawk of Yesteryear

So I’d imagine that right now, there’s someone out there that’s really, really good at say, skateboarding, and not good at much else. There’s some ridiculously skilled kid that thank god, got a crappy skateboard as a 8 year old and now is known globally for his or her skill.

But hold up — skateboarding as we know it has only been around since the 40’s or 50’s, and the good skateboards used today have been available now only the last few decades!

What would’ve happened if our prodigy skateboarding kid had been born a hundred years ago?

How many skills and talents are going to waste because the technology they rely on hasn’t been invented yet, or isn’t yet popular? How many god-like hover bike riders are there right now that think they aren’t good at anything? Or holo-pianists or multi-dimensional photographers or internal speech artists or AI therapists?

And for that matter, how many skill-sets are antiquated and gone, skill-sets that certain people would have been extraordinary at? Why are people judged on how remarkable they are at whatever arbitrary talents exist and are viewed as desirable or valuable during their lifetime?