End of Year Review - 2017

It’s been about a week since I got back from DC. I spent about a week there for the holidays, and it was wonderful to catch up with my family and friends. It had been a year or more since I’d seen many of them, and 6 days was not nearly enough time, so I hope I’ll be able to visit again in the near future. The past year has been filled wi... Read more

Pumping Our Arms for Points

From my journal, December 17 2015. The swift adoption rate of software can result in some pretty crazy things. Say someone releases an iOS and Android app that involves pumping your arm (and the phone) in the air for some game. Say the app hits the homepage of the Verge and Engadget and gets 500,000 downloads in the span of two days (which is ... Read more

End of Year Review - 2016

I’ve just returned from a short ride up north, near some beach in Shoreline. The skies were pale blue and slightly overcast, and it was chilly enough that the air pinched my ears but wasn’t enough to be miserable. I think the crisp wind brightened my mind because when I got back I had the immediate sense that it would be a good time to wri... Read more

On Pseudo-Profound Bullshit

A recently published study from the Journal of Judgment and Decision Making brought up a number of interesting points about the prevalence and level of acceptance of bullshit in society. The paper’s worth checking out if you have the time, but if not, here’s some of my favorite bits, followed by a great summary by EvanRWT on Reddit: Comment fro... Read more


When you’re born, you’re placed into a number of boxes. You’re placed into a particular one if you’re male, a different one if you’re female: another dependent on whether your family is middle-class, poor, or rich. Another is decided by your parent’s beliefs, whether Christian, Atheist, Muslim, Buddhist, or other. You were born in the country si... Read more