When you’re born, you’re placed into a number of boxes. You’re placed into a particular one if you’re male, a different one if you’re female: another dependent on whether your family is middle-class, poor, or rich. Another is decided by your parent’s beliefs, whether Christian, Atheist, Muslim, Buddhist, or other. You were born in the country side, or the city? Another box. In North America, or Europe, or Asia? Another box. In a loving family? With no family at all? Yet again, another box.

Your view of the world is restricted because you are in a box inside a box inside countless other boxes.

What is each box? An assumption. A list of conditions that hold true in your mind because you were told that they are.

The boxes restrict the vantage point by which you view situations. Each box narrows the slit through which you see the world until the only light to reach your eyes is a pinpoint, a dot of reality backed by a wall of darkness. Too many sit quietly, either sedated or unaware of the confined nature of their actuality.

But what should you do?

Don’t be content. Don’t believe what you are told. If something doesn’t sit right with you, ask why, ask how, ask until your curiosity is fulfilled. Grab the indoctrinated version of success you were told would lead you to happiness and dissect it until you see what it truly is: a warped, one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter template that calls you a stick figure when you’re really a living, breathing, human being.