San Sebastián: First Impressions

To understand the world at all, sometimes you could only focus on a tiny bit of it, look very hard at what was close to hand and make it stand in for the whole. — Donna Tart, The Goldfinch

Mossy stones.

The Hike

One of my housemates and another friend of ours decided to take a spontaneous hike up the mountains past the far east side of Zurriola beach — we didn’t really have a plan, but just started walking towards the mountain and took whichever path looked steeper!

A pony at a small farm on the east side of the coastline.

Exploring the coastline

The path we took lead us through a few neighborhoods to some less-trodden stone paths, and eventually to the actual hiking trails atop the mountain. These pictures don’t do justice. Imagine Studio Ghibli in reality.

At the bottom of the peninsula were the ruins of a ~1700s era castle.

Seagulls crowding by the shoreline penisula.