An Introduction

I’ve been meaning to create a blog of some kind for awhile, but ended up putting it off until now. I didn’t want to create one entirely from scratch, but wanted to be involved enough in the process that I learned a lot more about basic web development.

The Goals:

Post regularly:

This whole blog will be pointless if I don’t take the time to post stuff on it. I need to keep it in mind as I’m dealing with my daily workflow and travel, and update every couple weeks at a minimum.

Practice writing:

I want to work on writing. I have a lot of whimsical interests that I flirt with, and certainly all of them have intrinsic value, but writing is the one that’s been on my mind the most and the one I’ve acted on the least.

Web development, music production, photography, and online marketing are great, but writing seems closer to my heart than any of those. I’ve been reading virtual stacks of good novels on my iPad and absurd numbers of articles online, and it almost feels wrong to take in such quality without outputting any writing. It’s like mental constipation.

Learn development:

What little I’ve done has been pretty difficult, admittedly! Getting changes to properly push from my local server and the linux server is way more of a pain that it should be.